Agriculture in Ulverstone

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Комбикорм (compound feed)
Wholesale price
from $290/t FCA
Ровачлы сепгит, Partnership, TM +1 ad
Hello! We offer you high quality compound feed for cattle, sheep, camel. Added grain, grass and a little salt. Our product is 100 % natural and...
Within the radius of 390 km from Ulverstone
Аммофос — Сульфоаммофос — Сульфаткалия — Монокалийфосфат
АгроЭкспорт Удобрений, LLC, RU, 386 km +3 ads
Удобрение — Аммофос — Сульфоаммофос — Сульфаткалия — Монокалийфосфат — Моноаммонийфосфат — Диаммонийфосфат — селитра — сульфат — кас — карбамид —...
Тукосмеси — Сульфоаммофос — Диаммонийфосфат — Аммофос — КАС
АгроЭкспорт Удобрений, LLC, RU, 386 km +3 ads
Тукосмеси — Диаммонийфосфат — Нитроаммофос — Карбамид — Аммофос — Сульфоаммофос — Сульфаткалия — Монокалийфосфат — Моноаммонийфосфат — Селитра —...
Fertilizer organic
Price on request
Фролова О.Е., SP, RU, 386 km
Offer for sale organic fertilizer. The fertilizer is intended for reclamation of agricultural lands, landfills , road slopes , disturbed lands....
Price on request
Пух-Перо, FE, UA, 386 km +1 ad
Sell Feather-Down-Goose Duck-looking for a business partner investor abroad to Buy a pen . I live in Ukraine, Kupyansk, Kharkiv region if that it...
Grain Cleaning Aerodynamic Separator
$5,000/pc CFR
Агромаш, LLC, UA, 386 km
The main difference between aerodynamic and sieve separators is that the first divides the mixture of grains by weight, and the second - by size....
Мікродобрива позакореневого живлення
Wholesale price
Hip-center, LLC, UA, 386 km
Microfertilizers of non-root nutrition, production Ukraine. Present ISO and Organic Standart certificates. We are looking for a representative...
We sell flax light 1000 tons
Price on request
Симов Н.А., SP, UA, 386 km
We sell flax light 1000 tons on terms FAS, FOB, FCA. Quality: humidity-7%, weed impurity-1%, oil impurities-1%, oil yield not less than 41%....
In Australia
Ammophos Sulfoammophos Potassium Sulphate Monocal Phosphate
АгроЭкспорт Удобрений, LLC, RU +3 ads
Urea — ammophos — Sulfoammophos — potassium Sulphate — monocal Phosphate —monoammonium phosphate — diammonium Phosphate — Saltpeter — Sulfate —...
$310/t EXW
Stanok expert, LLC, RU +96 ads
This nutrient soil is already being produced. I sent you a file with Characteristics of nutrient soil (Characteristics have Russian...
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